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  • Debbie 

Dr Abell -Priceless-Physician- Chronic Warrior-Healer

Dr Abell’s research continues!!! I hope by placing this correction at the beginning and at the end every warrior or anyone looking for support finds a source of advocacy of hope. The truth is that every breakthrough in medicine occurs due to data correlation combined with research built upon past research knowledge built from clinical trials and research present to future.

There isn’t another word for the unique gift chronic warriors with diagnosis/es of rare incurable illnesses and the beautiful warriors whom we share the chronic journey experience with priceless blessings given to us all. Then there is another category of priceless blessings the doctor who has been and will always be a blessing to 1000’s of patients/families/friends supporters/medical teams past – present- future Dr Thomas Abell stands in category all of his own. When a doctor with both knowledge, compassion, empathy along with a photographic memory combines a passion to care for motility digestive tract illnesses it is beyond a priceless gift to the patients, family/ies, friends and support teams who are seeking answers with digestive disease wreaking havoc on every facet of their lives. Some of them were averaging 8-12 years before finding an answer. The diagnosis of gastroparesis either diabetic or idiopathic gastroparesis still led Dr Abell to continue into research beyond my diagnosis from 1999- 2010 because of his dedication and passion linked with perseverance mitochondrial malabsorption along with POTS diagnoses finally solved my puzzle. All of my pieces chronic intestinal pseudo obstruction syndrome, colonic inertia, gastroparesis (idiopathic- he had always described this as the doctors being the idiots of the equation for not knowing answers- the humble humility with integrity in honoring the Hippocratic Oath.) in 1999 – 2010 He would leave Jackson Ms for Louisville, Ky. It would prove to be too far for us to travel. An approximately 12 hours one way trip he had been my doctor since the 1999 diagnoses, he had literally saved my life with the protocols of IV infusions and antiemetics put in place. The colectomy he recommended in 2000 made my quality of life so much better holistically. I had a life worth living again, compared to crawling in constant pain and unsure/unknown chronic journey every moment. The life of a digestive tract warrior with a large intestine which does not work is almost beyond description in its pain, for those who experience the pain of constipation. Then it combines with clamps, like very large “vice grips internally” tightening without mercy creating intense nausea and vomiting. This cycle becomes your life. If you have been in labor, then it’s like the worst labor pain x 10 that just doesn’t let up. The waves of spasms gripping your abdomen, taking your breath away, on top of an underlying pain which seems to be a passenger which doesn’t leave your digestive tract. The muscles that are supposed to work in the intestinal tract are paralyzed. The nerves surrounding them which registers pain are not paralyzed from pain nor from receiving messages of the degree of disruptive dysfunction. If we could only manage to insert a measurement device to determine amount in our digestive tract-lack of motility. A digestive wand linked to our iPad with an app.

Priceless- Chronic Warriors-Journeys

It isn’t too much to ask, I just know one day we will be able to do this. Just like blood pressure, blood sugar, other medical issues… a breakthrough in this area will one day occur.

The only thing stopping the impossible into creating its paradigms. I suppose when we try to explain to others how confounding, confusing, and frustrating digestive tract issues are with diagnosis/es levels degrees and varying symptom/s. The rate of progression is as unpredictable as the symptoms accompanying digestive tract illnesses. DNA is your genetic blueprint. What is known helps immensely, if you are able to find information to add to the background information.

Dr Abell did a very thorough background questionnaire about the fraternal and maternal history. All of the research based issues which would give an insight into whether my issues were possibly resolved through a certain type of testing depending upon a presentation of symptoms- digestive tract- neurological symptoms. Dr Abell had – has a team of specialists which coordinated with him over decades of research all building from year to year as more and more knowledge/data was gleaned from clinical trials in different areas. There were steps backwards for every small step forward. Each step took patience which Dr Abell owned, calm, kind, precious, attentive, compassionate, empathetic always understanding to each and every patient/person whether they were a new beginning to their diagnosis or decades into their chronic journey. Every patient received a quality time focused on them when in the room. Often the wait was long. Yet, I don’t remember ever once meeting anyone who wasn’t as appreciative and grateful to have Dr Thomas Abell as their doctor, once they met him and understood who had become their lifeline on the fight against motility digestive tract issues. He gave everything in compassionate empathy to the healing and goal of successful treatments towards cure of motility digestive diseases.

He had developed this process over many years. Dr Abell always has a Plan A, B, & C. I greatly appreciate the opportunity to know there options with incurable illnesses. When we are living with an unknown having a plan brings security. This might seem trivial, but with me? This was a huge security blanket.

As I mentioned earlier, I appreciated/appreciate the blessings he shares with our communities. There are truly so many!

He has a very quiet calm patience about him. I very much appreciate this. I also appreciate that he would contact us by phone, email, etc. always as a person, person to person.

One time he couldn’t reach me and he called my Mom. My mother was my emergency contact. She is no longer with us. She naturally had a great deal of anxiety about my health. He was very very kind with my mother. He immediately told the truth and told her he could not cure me, but he would do his very best in my care. Telling my mother the truth was the fastest way to earn her trust. They would eventually meet face to face and no one can help be impressed with Dr Abell once in a conversation with him. The amazing thing about Dr Abell is his memory, like every detail of your life, not just your medical case, but your children, what you have worn, where your husband works and what hat he has worn along with every single detail about you.

He responds to your email. I didn’t or don’t have a doctor who emails. Because I knew he responded/s to my emails I didn’t email him often. He was -is – a lifeline to many. He didn’t pass away. I am doing an updateCORRECTION – status Dr Abell is still doing research and helping out clinically when he can. University of Louisville Kentucky Motility Clinic.

I am trying to convey the truly priceless blessings of him without using too many past tense verbs. Dr Abell is a blessing an inspiration whether practicing in the motility clinic in Louisville KY, in semi-retirement, or full-retirement. Of course we have those feelings as human beings still seeking counsel/healing from one of the few founding fathers- doctors treating motility digestive diseases, but more than that we want him to exponentially blessed as he has blessed us. He has taught, guided, shown, so many of his fellow physicians over the many decades guiding them towards an understanding of motility digestive tract issues. We must now trust the blessings he has imparted to them. So many of us have watched this process over decades through fellowships, internships, and mentoring programs. We now pray the priceless blessings of motility digestive tract issues become a passionate devotion to many present and future physicians to look beyond old paradigms into new ways to find a quality of life and care while seeking cures for our chronic communities.

I knew he was pricelessly special, because I wasn’t special,but a small cog in our larger advocacy of millions. The early days when I sat in his office early on from Memphis Tn to Jackson MS what didn’t change was that Dr Abell was a lifeline to so many patients both in the USA and outside the USA. When you can easily name a couple of countries plus numerous states, on a regular basis then recall Canada two young patients- a pair of teens who required the GES’s. He, Dr Abell, is the special ingredient. He is truly priceless! He deserves this phrase I heard many years ago, “give them their flowers while they are here.” Like another of his patients said, she is proud of him for retiring- while I wrote this slightly prematurely, the sentiments remain the same, yet sad too when the undelivered came for an email.

She again said, she is really really proud of him and hopes he and his wife retire together. We all do! It is hard to express how much love and happiness is being sent, even in the midst of the honest loss. The point of writing, both healing expression and healing advocacy over adversity. Yet, we seek empowering ourselves and others as well. Each and every moment we reclaim our time Amen Sēläh This sentiment will be magnified by 1000’s upon 1000’s of Dr Abell’s patients praying that he and his family have the very best time together & enjoy blessings x blessings 🙏🏼well earned.

Yes, I am making a correction from a writing inspired by everything Dr Abell allowed to unfold due to his compassion and empathy as a passionate physician. The dedication to research, treatments, quality of life and care while seeking cures for chronic illnesses- digestive diseases. This set in motion advocacy with support groups which took seed and flourished into larger and larger groups until eventually those online groups & non-profits with awareness has changed/saved millions of lives. My life, quality of life along with life itself was saved by the IV fluids & antiemetic protocols put in place.

I am completely sure cures will be found due research. The perseverance, persistence, compassion, empathy continues to this day. Dr Abell’s research continues!!! I hope by placing this correction at the beginning and at the end every warrior or anyone looking for support finds a source of advocacy of hope. The truth is that every breakthrough in medicine occurs due to data correlation combined with research built upon past research knowledge built from clinical trials and research present to future.