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  • Debbie 

Why Mental Health Matters- Holistically

Why Mental Health Matters- Holistically-

Our chronic journey with incurable, multiple diagnoses varying levels & degrees of types symptoms can range with physical issues on the chronic journey which evolve over time. Every person along with our DNA create a unique journey even if we warrior through a chronic journey experience with the exact diagnosis/es the journey may be vastly different as well as its progression. Nothing is ever a given. Nor can we ever assume to measure our destiny an unknown may be the way through an obstacle course. A mystery may indeed be the challenge which unlocks an advocacy over adversity. Comfort and strength come from peace and patience in the Peace Be Still. An All is Well through Faith. Giving the chronic journey to the Grace which has never deserted nor failed us ever.

Why mental health matters, an emotional turmoil unchecked fed by chaos and insecurity leads to a malignancy. A tumor which overpowers us. An emotional cancer which cripples us rather than strengthens us. The biofeedback, meditation, prayer, and unconditional love and support in an incurable illness is a set of puzzle pieces. A holistic healing which breathes in and out every moment. We are continually chronically experiencing our higher path in Grace, Peace, Love, Joy, Kindness, Gentleness, Patience, ever conscious of our humanity- spirituality in and out – breathing our truth through Grace. Peace and patience. Amen Sēläh.