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  • Debbie 

Peace In Me

Peace in Me

When Everything about you

Allows me to be me

It fulfills the Agape

Meaning of Peace meant to infinity

In the here and hereafter

Never ever do we, us, or any other pronoun

Come into question

When an ego doesn’t have to be served,

Yet, is of service/in service

met Agape’s calling for a greater good

Allows me to be me

You to you

Into infinity

1/14/2023 (originally published on this day)

In a prayerful manner- meditation- biofeedback combination of reflection.

When the numbers are added together – into a single digit -number. It is 4. The number 4 in my chronic journey chronic experience is at the cross. Meaning a spiritual blessing combined w/here on Earth blessing 🎚️🐑Jehovah-Raah Father, Son, Holy Spirit, and ourselves. Over time this understanding evolves just as we evolve throughout our journey/path higher- upward- with each moment. Whether we are on a path of prayer or meditation with biofeedback usually we seek peace and strength. Especially when on a journey with chronic incurable illness/es.