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  • Debbie 

One Of …

My favorite memories which gives me inspiration spoons…

We had just begun our journey in our current home. The pond was apparently an irresistible lure to the three children who found themselves there on/in the pond.

Imagine my surprise when I look up to see the three of you rapidly approaching me covered head to toe in mud. The shocked expression matched mine. Then with great ease the explanation came to the master storyteller. That their baby sister had fallen out of a boat (a one-of-a-kind design by your Dad) and of course the big brothers absolutely had to save her from an imminent drowning death. They and you just had to clean the mud off from the most unfortunate experience. Wasn’t it great how everything turned out okay?

The memory of how pleased, happy and cheerful y’all were kinda confirmed this was a swim vs a drowning moment/memory. Which absolutely makes me smile ….even without a photo.