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  • Debbie 

Found – Sacred- Proud

When everything about you

allows me to be me

it fulfills the Agape

meaning of Peace meant to infinity

both here and hereafter

never ever do we, us, or any other pronoun

come into question

when an ego doesn’t have to be served,

but is of service/in service

met a calling for a greater good


Allows me to be me

you to be you

into infinity

An inspirational introspection in p.s.

In the prayer closet

An Agape Love is an unconditional love

meeting ourselves with our Lord Jehovah Raah

an inner and outer into infinity an infrastructure complete

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

plus ourselves when we meet whatever cross we encounter

whether it may be an internal, external, physical, emotional, mental, … past, present, or future. It is the unconditional Agape Love which increases us rather than decreases us.

If we ever start to wonder about our humanity and whether labels are an issue or perhaps a judgement placed leading towards a very specific act of unkindness, limitation on Agape simply because of a perception…then it is truly a question that has to answered in supplication and prayer. An introspective inspection of ourselves from a journey which is an ever changing experience of breathing in and out. Moment by moment I pray, positivity, and meditatively, towards, forward higher upward beyond through growth. Not of my ego nor of myself but an unconditional love and support an agreement to give an unconditional love both in an inhale and exhale to all through Grace, Peace, and Strength both past, present, and future.

I went back to this writing, after I had left it unfinished.

The original version didn’t include the last few sentences. In a two part completion. We aren’t on a perfect schedule of unconditional love and support to ourselves and others. We are truly blessed by our journey when we move with Peace, comfort, and strength in every breath. The reason- path – between prayers of unconditional Agape Love and unconditional Support. …

I will offer this reflection into my past journey’s contribution to today’s path leading up to today’s breath’s journey. Once a very long time ago women were offered tests to determine if they were witches. It was all done under the veil of God’s word. The Agape Love described sees/hears/feels/understands empathy. We stand in the perspective of the person who is experiencing a struggle. We do not speak about the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ without acting on the Sacred Heart of Christ our Agape Love in Jehovah Shalom, the Elohei Mishpat, Jehovah Jireh, and Yahweh. Amen Sēläh We act by or a more in prayerful agreement with each other in concert. Knowing actions of unconditional love lift up each other and by doing so we may help those we love.

It isn’t okay for me to read about a Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ and find it completely unrecognizable due to its judgement. How must those feel who are being labeled? Being told they aren’t part or right to celebrate themselves?

I am simply showing the truth of my understanding God’s Love through Jesus. I failed at this task once as a parent. I realized I didn’t answer a question as I should have at the time. It is embarrassing that I didn’t have enough spiritual growth, wisdom, emotional, maturity and … truth be told be told guts to get a better understanding of the help to my child to understand God’s love therein Unconditional Love and unconditional support.

Original date on the upper part of the poem was 1-14-2023

If you add all of the digits together into a single number you get a 4. The 4 is symbolic of a cross to me. This only helps to provide context for someone who wants the context. The additional pice of information is that it was completed at 11:50 which add up to a 7 symbolic of completion. Which really doesn’t help much because it wasn’t completed until today.

I try to keep this space honest. The numerology is an insight, guide, and should not be a fixation from neither myself nor anyone else.