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  • Debbie 

Common Sense

I was looking for good news and stumbled upon a state with a functioning legislature… yes it says progressive, but is it really? Or is it just common sense? I have tried to determine which way I lean on issues as a registered independent… I don’t vote completely red nor blue, yet I can’t identify with one side completely and I detest the partisan politics. I really can’t relate to a lot of the policies stated on the “conservative” side of the conversation. Yet, not all. Over the years I have come to identify more with the small “democratic” side of conversation. Yet, not all. I have very strong opinions about certain topics which leaves me leaning towards a direction that is an independent with common sense.

I am defined by a set of life experiences, but a very simple humanity. We should all respect each other’s choices and the right of the others humanity’s choice. If we begin to disrespect others or be unkind then we have violated ourselves and others. Its civility, an obligation to respect both ourselves and others in all areas of our lives. We should follow the golden rule do unto others as you would have done unto to you. Remember what we were taught? Except as we have grown up or become accustomed with certain things, we have forgotten not all behavior/s is acceptable. This doesn’t mean mean we need an all out war. We simply don’t need to continue on this path.

Uncivil behavior is a choice either we participate in it or we don’t.

Here isthe piece of legislation that prompted this writing.

It is considered “progressive” – I think a lot of it is simply common sense. Therein the prompt to my writing.