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  • Debbie 

The First Blog of 2024

Jan- 1-2024

How do we reflect about a myriad of chronic paths which seem to be spiritually speaking profoundly leaping -like in the book “HindsFeet for High Places” by Hannah Hurnard. Every piece of a chronic journey has been moments of opportunities for optimism and positivity to become strengths forged in/on the spiritual mill-house. While some moments has/had me questioning the probabilities. Still it is a recipe He nurtured by my parents and Him- as well as others in continual GodWinks kept afloat on the PeaceBoat. The 14 stitches a little more than a week ago occurred after my lower teeth extraction an understatement to say it truly challenging. My palliative care team has once again proven how invaluable they are on this chronic path. Due to my exposed jaw bone on the right, left, and center -my healing time has become slightly more of a challenge compared to the ease of my top extractions.

The choice of getting dentures was really not a choice at all. It was a decision due to malnutrition and absorption + chronic dehydration over decades. I am one of the very blessed to still be thriving with all of my diagnoses. Gastroparesis, CIPO, Colonic Inertia, Mitochondrial malabsorption Disease, POTS, Sjogrens, MTHFR, migraines, osteoporosis.. I may have forgotten one of them…

Any crowns or implants would not have held due to the underlying health issues. ^see above^ My osteoporosis also was a factor into how my extractions were done along with gums and healing concerns. Top passed, but bottom displayed their concern. I had asked they do everything all at once. Thank God the surgeon didn’t listen to me!

I have two children which display teeth similar to mine. By this I mean, an uneven whiteness and overcrowding + motility issues.

Recently we have done the MTHFR test where -not a diagnosis, but another window into the why of it all. P

As I say goodbye to 2023 and hello to 2024

With a biofeedback inhale and exhale

1-1-2023 = 9

1-1-2024 = 10 1+0=1

The single digit is only applicable for a guide

Again, a guide because 9 is what I see/hear/feel in prayer as the holiest of holiest an ultimate peace in Heavenly peace. The combination of prayer, meditation, and biofeedback to manage physical challenges are priceless tools. The ability to use them for relief takes practice and focus. The same way an athlete would train or practice for any other skill. The way karate, tai chi, judo etc all can be advanced and leveled up with focus, practice, and dedication.

The guide meaning of numbers isn’t an end of story, but a factor on our path. The number one is the beginning- a clean slate of new terms.

If we inhale the past then exhale an acceptance of presence peace and strength in our New Year.

Pictures are the only way to show how much of an impact the 14 stitches have made on my right handed world.

The advocacy part of this post is how we choose to draw strength from our journey.

I thought my biofeedback, prayers, and meditation was doing a great job at handling my chronic spoonie plate.

The new lesson of the upper extraction plus everything before the Dec 8th lower extractions was about reflecting on how very blessed I was.

To thrive everything has to be very very very balanced and well timed.

My peaceodometer must be maintained and kept at high capacity for healing, comfort, and strength.

Therefore, my lesson included to not take any part of my functioning, working, unhurt portion of my body.

In addition to all of this… never take two medications together if they cause a conflict. Like I said, balance and well timed.