Hat Therapy on
The #CureGP Journey w/
#Gastroparesis a #DigestiveDisease
#ChronicWarriors use many methods to
uplift our spirits –
We are NOT our diagnosis. 🙂
WE ARE our unique Beautiful. Courageous, Advocators,
#GPReporters, seeing ourselves as cogs
in a big wheel of advocacy.
Yet, we live in our lives as our truth in our real
World. A world where touch, in person, communication, matters even more than it did before our diagnosis. Are you saying to yourself? I thought you said, “you are not your diagnosis?” You are correct! If a bull almost ran you down in the middle of a town, did you become the bull? Or did your situational awareness increase? I believe this is how a lot of Chronic Warriors live. We are, out of necessity, better at research, more discerning of the information given to us, and the largest lesson? We learn doctors are not all qualified just because they have a medical degree. Time teaches you.. When deciding upon a new doctor or a procedure speak to three people who have knowledge of the Dr/procedure/ doctor performing the procedure or surgery. You are interviewing the person in care of your life. The thing you have only one of and your due diligence will be worth your thoughtful preparation.
We must spend more time in conversation about our lives
outside of our diagnosis than in our diagnosis..
Why? Because I Believe our cells act differently w/
positive, inside a body of multifaceted conversation,
filled with touchstones of uplifting thoughts all still centered
around service, goodness, kindness, and doing unto others as
you would have done unto you. #warriors #spoonies

9 Thoughts to “Hat Therapy on #CureGP #SpoonieSunday”

  1. Thank you for your tireless encouragement. This is a particular favorite of mine. It works ❤️

    1. Thank you so very much! I am deeply honored by your support! I value and respect your opinion more than you know! Thank you! I love you!

    1. Thank you so very much! I appreciate your kindness and support so very much may your day be blessed with comfort and strength today +++++

    1. Thank you so very much for your kind remark! All support and feedback is truly appreciated. #Cures #Positivity to you today +++

  2. This touches the subject of the narrow-mindness of the dogma: “No treatment without diagnosis! and the concept “diagnosis by treatment. Diagnosis of fungus in, say, bronchi, in the standard way, either positive or negative, is meaningless: collection of the sample often misses the location, positive result are doubtful due to presence of spores everywhere. But a dose of Fluconazole answers the question. Same with many other difficult to diagnose diseases. My wife had extreme fatigue for years. An old doctor said: “Your all diagnoses are all right. There is a chance though you may have a deficiency of a hormone, which is difficult to diagnose, but easy to try. I will give you that hormone and we will see. The fatigue has been gone for twenty years now. We need to revise that dogma.

    1. Thank you for your kind, thoughtful, compassionate, insightful response. I always appreciate feedback with informative details! Thank you so very much! Lifting your day with positivity and optimism for your comfort and strength today +++++++

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