I see you, I hear you, I feel you! 

Wishing that Hippocratic oath would too! 

I know you wait til everything in you is screaming in desperation before you go through those automatic doors. 

The days you spend saying tomorrow will better, “I am a strong warrior, this will soon resolve,” telling yourself to just breathe! I know you pace and motivate with Jesus on the floor. 

I read and cry seeing how day after day my GP Princess’s – GP Warriors go into the hospitals, ER, ICU, Surgery, or way too often.. to meet Jesus. 

And while I do not question Him!? I do the Empathy, in the National Media, and Congressional Representatives with HR 2311! Where is the sense in this? 

Yes I see you, I hear you, and I know you, 

Because I am you! 

4 Thoughts to “I See You (Talking to Jesus)”

  1. I see, hear, and know all to clearly! You are one amazing warrior Deb! This message was so well stated. Never question the path He is sending me on, don’t even question why on most days. I have faith that His purpose will be fulfilled through us. Thank you for this reminder.

    1. Thank you, Trisha! I appreciate your kindness. I am too believe in that greater design/providence! It is place I try to stay! I am just a cog. A very happy cog, extremely happy to be a part of this advocacy of change. So thank you, my inspirational warrior!

  2. Beautiful! I too trust Jesus. I have my weak moments, self pity moments. But I take that time to pray harder, lean heavier on Jesus. He knows why we are suffering, we do not. When we get to heaven, I bet He will be happy knowing we kept our faith intact! {Hugs}

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