****#TakeABite4GP Campaign Challenge *****W/Photo or video 

*Challenge 3 to do the same & 

*Donate at least a dollar for research to help find a cure for GP – Gastroparesis -Motility Disorder  We do touch these sites the money goes directly to IFFGD & AGMD 



– *Or sign #HR2311 Cosponsor #HR2311 our Bill in committee needing Co-Sponsors to help all Motility Disorders

– *****Finally!! SHARE POST REPEAT!! ****

Our #TakeABite4GP public FB Group for examples of Photos & videos! #TakeABite4GP Public Group
Ms Melissa Adams VanHoughten video Challenge #TakeABite4GP Ms Melissa’s Challenge Video

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    1. Shoot my comment left before I finished… I am sending virtual energy & spoons to you !! I see all the work you are still doing from the storm/Hurricane. Is it stressing out Rosie Kitty? I am sending love & positive prayers for her as well! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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