Month: October 2014

A lil Optimist

Broken … Nope Beaten… Neva Down… Not even The world on fire… I am 90% + water Trodden upon…. You are clearly delusional Covered with mud… It is your reflection Looking low… Look up there Feeling down… Set it all […]

Cherish Your Weird

Thank God for weird …(sorry.. Quote normal folk) I just don’t understand the other ones Just why try so hard to look like everybody else? We never even started out that way! So when you catch that glance Or look […]

A Hard Peace Be Still

Weeping endured a night But Joy comes in the Morning All becomes well When Peace makes all still The storm can rage But nothing move You see chaos I see peace Weeping endureth a night But Peace will Be Still […]

You Are Awesome

I hope no matter the circumstance – you remember you are awesome warriors!! No matter what your body says A friend says A loved one says An internal voice says Or some random idiot says A doctor, nurse, or boogie […]

You Broke It – Own it

Your happiness thrills my heart Your pain sets me down Your love sends me into orbit Cruelty Well that makes me shake Until it becomes The thing I can no longer take Then yours is the voice I no longer […]

Here I Am

I know love It feels blue Like I love you And smoky mountains Rocky top Orange and white Filled with running Clear cold water I love you While we stand in Heaven on Earth

Stand In Your Light

I know who i am do you? There are walls and canyons of deception Trying to manipulate a cookie cutter world But we are originals While we walk two-by- two ( even when one of our two leaves no footprints) […]


Nothing but blue will do Except when it is orange! then we shall say God bless you! Do you know? I love you? Somewhere, someone clapped and fairies danced for Tinkerbell! You smiled, I felt you! Now we must speak […]


Do you have a cloak? I am a super hero in secret … You are too!! Maybe you have a cloak too! Joseph had a coat of many colors Dolly sang about hers I wear in the real a beautiful […]

This Is How Poets Play

You stand here looking like Thoreau, acting like Whitman, And behaving like Frost! And then expect me to not act like Millay? Go find Poe and Dickinson, call up Tennyson Here we go – this is poet’s play! And then […]