Admission Change, maturity, transfer, an understanding through knowledge with compassionate empathy is perhaps our greatest strength and weakness in humanity. What we once thought we truly passionately believed to be true becomes a revelation in our growth – maturity. Were […]

The Silence We Speak

The Silence We Speak The humanity of us all It isn’t inanimate Nor is it invisible We are one nation/ one world/ one for all- all for one The silence we speak or silently never at all as zero and […]

A Choice? Nay It Is Not!

Your/my appointment/placement on our planet is not your nor my choice/predetermination_ your skin, hair, gender, eyes, are not your doing nor decision. We are here as a united community of humanity. Therein, what we choose to do as a part […]

What Do You Hear, See, Understand?

Our humanity, at times, depends upon context, the ears in which the words trickling into their Grace, & if hope is nestled within our hearts. dst 1-7-2017  (8+2+8 16+2 7+2=8 what do you see & think about this number?  Just a […]