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I could tell you the lil things do not matter? 

But they do! 

I could tell you, my eyes will forever see you as I remember. The moment I was too young to make these decisions which most said would fail. They would be wrong. I could tell you life had rearranged itself & made itself known, tried to make us a statistic . 

I could tell you teenagers, rednecks, River rats, & hillbillies almost made us defined as one of “them” as a by & by

I could tell you stereotypes of any type break my heart, because an exterior,or a grouping NEVER. Accounts the a person’s priceless DNA or very existence- nor their cure if needed thereby. 

Teenage pregnancy, in the south, & married too young, family friends — not knowing their words were fuel under my patient wings to prove everyone wrong— their unguarded words Tucked into my heart & mind.  Not a face, not a moment would anyone but God know the Grace & wisdom that would occur.

I waited until my youngest baby began kindergarten, to do any day classes with my commute to finish my degree (scholarship in place) I filled the statistical profile of what a young girl would do but it was all by choice. You cannot know the backstory without the facts! I did it backwards. My baby girl, & two older children broke the mold-  they all have.  

 Not a starved, hungry, determined, obstinate, optimistic, determined, work my butt off personality dedicated to “giving & service” to have it jerked out from under me-  blogger, Can you imagine how fulfilling it felt to have my two lil munchkins doing really well in school? We were ready to enroll our lil girl in kindergarten. Now 3 lil munchkins would be in school all about to do be doing  really well. 

The summer before, she & her brother are participating in church camp  activities- while displaying their emerging personalities & being effected by adult decisions at the same time. As a sidenote: if a mother gives an instruction to camp counselors to call a parent-  if the child becomes anxious? Always listen. If a teacher is told there are. ..Stress factors for a student? & corporal punishment denied – listen!! As a teacher & a parent? Parent’s instructions always hold precedent over teachers & counselors! The south is slowly awakening I believe! Places which preach #TheGoldenRule have translation problems sometimes. Saying it & doing it are two different things. 

– close is not a story but a statistical number in a fact gathering mission — as if we did not matter at all. Just a number in a survey, using the data to gather the fact based criteria to help “those in the fight of their lives” — I was not on the end of the fact based criteria needing to be helped this time but in the group needing help!  The circle was now meeting/posting.

We could tell you what had happened when we awoke from this slop slumber  to realize we were not a number but a priceless being wonderfully & beautifully made. 

No star shining so brightly, not even one planet could replace us in the universe! When we thought Pluto was gone? Then not so much! You almost were left bereft because  an entire Galaxy suddenly becomes redifined. So, “if all of the stars fall from the sky” as Jason Mraz’s “I Won’t Give Up On Us” says?  There are spiritual gifts. I am sending spiritual gifts & I pray your baskets are overflowing!

With Victory in Mind,

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