Gastroparesis Fighting for Change

My Uppdated Version Of My Gastroparesis/MotilityDisorder Journey

My Journey Deb Shrader-Trotter @iamokaynow Twitter (Deb) deb_shradertrotter Instagram blog Gastroparesis:Fighting for Change Facebook Community Page  Gastroparesis:Fighting For Change Dear #MotiltyDisorders,  My Gastroparesis/MotilityDisorder/ POTS CIPO Colon Inertia Migraine- Mitochondrial-Malabsorption Journey While keeping an #IamOkayNow Attitude with Advocacy  My […]

Sometimes Sadness

Sadness sometimes brings you an expected heartache and a rush of determination! I watch a great deal of CNN. In doing this, I listen and reflect upon our human community! I have never seen the world as an us and […]