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How to Make our Voice Heard

  • Debbie “Make Your Voice Heard!” A guided suggestion for helping us to engage with our congressional representatives. You are invited to join the thousands of patients and their families, nurses and physicians, researchers, and members of the public working to raise critical awareness for all… Read More »How to Make our Voice Heard


  • Debbie 

BEHOLD Please, see with me the most brilliant group of technicolor/s you have ever yet to see. Next, please inhale with me the most heavenly of scents you have yet to smell. Now, carefully mute all of your devices, put in your headphones, buds, whatever… Read More »Behold

#AdvocacyDay 9/12/2017

  • Debbie 

#HR1187 #FGIMD #IBS #GASTROPARESIS #CureGP with <—— Did you know in WordPress your link cannot be too long? The way to resolve this is to use google shortener it is also very helpful to use google shortener in Twitter while advocating on… Read More »#AdvocacyDay 9/12/2017