Our Digestive Tract Motility Scanner

Our Digestive Tract Motility Scanner A beautiful addition to a prayer I have been speaking aloud physically and spiritually since approximately 2005-2006 Dr Thomas Abell would do an EGG 1)EGG An electrogastrogram (EGG) is a graphic produced by an electrogastrograph, […]

Blessed Be To The Blessed To Be

Blessed Be to the Blessed To Be We are humbly blessed to be blessedly blessed by our blessings. May we share blessings be unto all uniquelyuniqueness flow upon our humanity. William Shakespeare born today, blessed us with the gift of […]

#Advocating – Tomorrow is not Promised

#Advocating  – for ourselves & our community! Tomorrow is not promised- but blessed- when we give our best  For this is not for ourselves but to save others we will never know  even though our DNA – makes this path/journey […]

 #HR2311 #4Gabe

I sit & contemplate this life  With love & hate Can you imagine? The number of times it takes to convince yourself everything is okay?  We walk a very thin line but our journey still comes to a place which […]