Month: August 2014


Here is my thought on Sea World … Build an aquarium connected to the ocean and if the whales come back to visit us, then maybe we can see if it was a “copasetic arrangement” with them and not a […]


Jesus, Gandhi, Mother Theresa, St Francis, Martin Luther King, Pope Francis, Nelson Mandela, Cesar Chavez, Harvey Milk, …. Wayne A. Shrader Sr. We have human testimonials to look to past and current for inspiration and a source of strength. I […]

Where I Want To Be

All of my steps can be counted with every pump My breathing focuses with each thrust My feet stretch towards the clouds Like I could actually force my gravity to meld with every angel I’ve ever felt Head hung as […]


No confusion is spoken here The only thing I hear is the beauty I see Nothing obliterates the beauty See it? Speak not!


I’ll never see where this little shell becomes your pearl. When a little girl grows into her beautiful mystery or perfect complexity. Or that little boy who doesn’t look like any other! Normal is something abhorrent – Absolutely to be […]

Just Be

How do you know? What is there or what was? When one says this and one says that? Believe it all or nothing at all – How? Because it won’t change anything at all. Why? Because if love is your […]


Someone said life is just what we see and hear Yet with every breath it becomes clear We are not even made of what can be measured much less seen So, life is more than okay It is blessed