Month: November 2014

Speaking About His Church

Our drive makes A soul fill back up with the true church! Where no confusion nor judgement lies in wait Only a beauty without restrain Causing us no pain


Love let me speak to thee Only with my lips And let it be in love Where no tongues lie and bliss survives I can’t dismiss lies Or abide by inflections led in this disguise Where hearts pretend and become […]

My Theme Song

Namaste God Bless you today! I want to go climb a Mountain Pray with the monks in India Sit silently and contemplate life with Pope Francis and the Dalai Lama Then I want to go to a rock concert in […]

Is This Love?

When love bubbles and boils and acts Like it has no morals It is time To rethink This thing we call love When it begins to feel like prison And hurt the persons who are supposed to be treasured It […]