Month: January 2015

The Time Has Come

We are in a moment where all attention is focused on bringing awareness to Gastroparesis and motility/digestive issues. These are links to events and actions taking place to increase this awareness!……/petition-recognizing-ga…/

An Optimist

There is a memory I cherish. It involves rose shows, dog shows, and preparation of Sunday school lessons, following a little hem of a white lab coat. See, it is not about any of the things I just listed, it […]

I Hope Love Comes

Why love never makes itself known And why it always makes itself felt I love you Three small words Tested over time Demonstrated by Monarchy Paradigms shifted yet Never will it be defined until we hold hands And let our […]

My Journey

Gastroparesis the beginning. I believe my journey began in 1989 with the first migraine, but I didn’t realize it. The first migraine I had was a reaction to Indocin. I thought, at the time! And it may very well have […]


Gastroparesis: we have to receive a designation, diagnosis code, funding for research and the dedication of the medical community to see past what is an easy judgement to travel the road of humane treatment! And then make this calamity of […]


Easier said than done! But this website looks like a great place and a wonderful resource! And so will a Vitamix blender … Thank you ! https://www.vitamix.com

I know what it means

When today closes its eyes I will have said I love you And I will have Done all I needed to Because when you close your eyes and I close my eyes I take not one moment Of this planet […]

This Is Love Y’all

Love feels best When I can give it And know you know There is nothing required I can give And you can just be loved I can disagree with you And still you will be loved I will send you […]

It Does Not Matter

It does not matter How old you are It does not matter How long it has been It does not matter You are always going to be the baby It does not matter You are always going to be the […]