Month: June 2016


When you hear phrases like #InvisibleIllnesses #ButYouDontLookSick it makes you search for a phrase which will help you understand the illness you cannot see. The best phrase which describes Motility Disorders is #InternalParaplegics – Internal Paraplegics. Why? Because we have […]


Are you pretty? Like GP?  Do look lovely, dance, sing, laugh, sip on a drink while the knives cut into you?  But do you, like me, live. A life. Where folks do not have clue? Except for a select few?  […]


I cannot sing to save my life but I have music running through me all the time. There are prayers going as well. Then the phrases, pieces & fragments of words just won’t stop! Sometime they have a tune to […]

Gastroparesis – Haiku 

Gastroparesis – Haiku Gastroparesis  Destructive always Takes your life away #HR2311 to help #CureGP & request #Cosponsors!