Blessed Be To The Blessed To Be

Blessed Be to the Blessed To Be We are humbly blessed to be blessedly blessed by our blessings. May we share blessings be unto all uniquelyuniqueness flow upon our humanity. William Shakespeare born today, blessed us with the gift of […]

#ThankfulThursday TBT 35 days!

#ThankfulThursday 35 days until we memorialize/Raise Awareness for August’s Gastroparesis/Motility Disorder Month on August 17 5-8 pm CST (all respective time zones ) with green lights of your choosing as small /intimate/ medium sized or large as you wish to […]

Digestive DreamsĀ 

Do you have digestive dreams? I do, like a person in a wheel chair? Or their limbs do not work? Our digestive tracts malfunction in many varying ways, from person to person—We cannot “see” what is going on inside & […]

Can You?GP

Why do you think Gastroparesis seems more prevalent in women than men? Well I could get into a physiological explanation of my opinion–>  without a doctor’s degree, training, or knowledge. I could suggest the hormonal imbalances, ovarian cysts rupturing, structure […]