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Social Distancing

  • Debbie 

How Does This Help? We are limited during #SocialDistancing & #StayAtHome, BUT… WE — YOU— Me—US Have been magnificent! #TogetherAtHome has helped our humanity —all of us together!!! Worldwide- we mourn all loss of life & lift our fellow warriors fighting now to stay alive.… Read More »Social Distancing

The Silence We Speak

  • Debbie 

The Silence We Speak The humanity of us all It isn’t inanimate Nor is it invisible We are one nation/ one world/ one for all- all for one The silence we speak or silently never at all as zero and beyond Is the loudest of… Read More »The Silence We Speak

Time is True

  • Debbie 

Time Is True We have now the truth of us the joy of our mystery lives inside each of us we beseech all to be true Not so much- roses are red, violets are blue Kind of poetry, not this. time is true purges all… Read More »Time is True