Mine Eyes See You

The mountain ahead of you is the desert you have roamed.  Blessings strewn are thrown  cast about without a thought towards  Their meaning in the now but hereafter  Our eyes see but become easily deceived once we find our hearts […]

Empowering-Seeing Success -Priceless!

What can I say?  What can I do today! To lift you, encourage you? It is the reason I exsist! I found my purpose and it makes my #GlitterSpirit so very happy!  How do I let you know in this […]

#InvisibleIllness Week #GP See Me?

An #InvisibleIllness made all the more  Because I am clinging to the door  You know!?  The one which says, “Hey World” I can still_________” and that blank is infinite!  I don’t want my dignity robbed anymore!  I try! With every […]


#Green4GP #1Action4GP  Green for Gastroparesis It is my word thought! I decided I could “do more” ~~  Every Friday we, in the #GastroparesisCommunity, go #Green4GP I wanted “Go #Green4GP” in thought, deed, & action, I will continue to try to […]

GP Inside Out

I can only tell you, bless your itty bitty heart!  I will pray for you! If you are from the south? You understand the first statement, was a backhanded kiss of death!  Today I have read too many instances of […]