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Tuesday Thoughts

  • Debbie 

Advocacy during #GastroparesisAwarenessMonth is always multitasking on many levels. The chronic journey experience for chronic warriors since the pandemic has made the chronic journey even more of a challenge. Yet, every challenge, adversity, obstacle is an opportunity to overcome to grow, to empower ourselves and… Read More »Tuesday Thoughts

Listening to Beirut

  • Debbie 

August 4, 2020 As we see our day break upon its tenuous dawn, rising….. Sometimes it takes a bit of subtraction to arrive at our solution August 6, 2020 And very early early in the morning the first day of week, they came unto the… Read More »Listening to Beirut

Mitochondrial Disease #HR2501 w/#HR3396 #FGIMD

  • Debbie 

Medical nutrition equity act of 2019 #MedMito2019 #MitochondrialDisease the nonprofit organization working as an advocate for and with those who have been impacted by mitochondrial disease along with their underlying chronic illnesses created by mito malfunctioning. the nonprofit organization working as an… Read More »Mitochondrial Disease #HR2501 w/#HR3396 #FGIMD

May We Find & Meet

  • Debbie 

What speaks to my Soul might not speak to your Soul. I pray you find GRACE, OPTIMISM, SUPPORT, LOVE, HOPE, & the tiniest spark of ENCOURAGEMENT which may be needed to lift you in your moment of travail, anxiety, stress, doubt, pain, depression, chronic illnesses… Read More »May We Find & Meet