colon inertia

Our Digestive Tract Motility Scanner

Our Digestive Tract Motility Scanner A beautiful addition to a prayer I have been speaking aloud physically and spiritually since approximately 2005-2006 Dr Thomas Abell would do an EGG 1)EGG An electrogastrogram (EGG) is a graphic produced by an electrogastrograph, […]

My Uppdated Version Of My Gastroparesis/MotilityDisorder Journey

My Journey Deb Shrader-Trotter @iamokaynow Twitter (Deb) deb_shradertrotter Instagram blog Gastroparesis:Fighting for Change Facebook Community Page  Gastroparesis:Fighting For Change Dear #MotiltyDisorders,  My Gastroparesis/MotilityDisorder/ POTS CIPO Colon Inertia Migraine- Mitochondrial-Malabsorption Journey While keeping an #IamOkayNow Attitude with Advocacy  My […]

What It Is Like

I wish for just one second and only for just that one second you could feel the hunger inside my body! See, you look at me quietly laughing and trying to praticipate in this family gathering or a friendly outing. […]

Motility Disorders – What you are not told! 

Things no one tells you when you are diagnosed with a motility Disorder! Your infusion company representative, who you speak to on a weekly to bi-weekly basis will become like your a member of your family! Because if you are a […]