How did I know?  Your fingerprint told me so.  It said, “She/He is THE ONE!”  The best at all she/he does in all she/he does when moving through life as herself/himself, she/he wins- won!  You say, “Insufficient evidence?” I say, […]


Whether it is recipes, support, advocacy or just laughs with others in #GPNation or other #MotilityDisorders #Gastroparesis #IBS crohn’s or whatever autoimmune disorder which may limit your energy this #2016Holidays you can find a group on Facebook to help you […]

An Educational Moment For Our Petition

This is going to be a long post. It is an educational post. About gastroparesis and the Social Security Administration. While gastroparesis is mentioned in the information for summaries it has not been given a designation itself! Why does that […]