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Self-Healing Bubble Wrap

  • Debbie 

Self-Healing BubbleWrap Why would we even ponder the thought of self healing bubble wrap? An immunity bubble wrap which is self-healing could possibly add another layer to our overall well-being. So, why not try it out? Every week a bundle of bubble wrap is included… Read More »Self-Healing Bubble Wrap


  • Debbie 

Maybe Just maybe we will be better Than yesterday Our compatriots fighting the good the fight are braver than brave We pray them into their better moment Even when they are strangers How, why, when, what, You may ask? We feel their pain … The… Read More »Maybe

Historically Speaking

  • Debbie 

The 15th amendment in 1870 and the 19th amendment in 1920 both gave rights to vote in our United States of America. Why do I mention this thought? As I begin my day with prayer & meditation, I am sending condolences with sincere prayers to… Read More »Historically Speaking