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Mitochondrial Disease #HR2501 w/#HR3396 #FGIMD

  • Debbie 

Medical nutrition equity act of 2019 #MedMito2019 #MitochondrialDisease the nonprofit organization working as an advocate for and with those who have been impacted by mitochondrial disease along with their underlying chronic illnesses created by mito malfunctioning. the nonprofit organization working as an… Read More »Mitochondrial Disease #HR2501 w/#HR3396 #FGIMD

We Are Who We Are

  • Debbie 

The acceptance in a reality we have no control of is a freedom of a tapestry. This tapestry’s threads is made of beautifully woven threads. These threads hold us in our lives with Peaceful positivity, Graceful strength/optimism a steady growth in all we say and… Read More »We Are Who We Are

Waiting Room

  • Debbie 

In this waiting room We sometimes see a glow Or think it appears as if we need to see But in someone’s reality It is ecumenical in its view Without an action towards empathy If we decide to rise In this waiting room With Grace… Read More »Waiting Room