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  • Debbie 

E PLURIBUS UNUM OUR CONNECTIONS/LAYERS We are inclusive and exclusive all at the same time. We project our inner reality sometimes. At other times, we project the exact opposite consciously or unconsciously in an open dialogue with our world. The choices we make, the accessories… Read More »E PLURIBUS UNUM

Sharing The #GPTruthofItAll

  • Debbie 

While we are living our best lives, we sometimes have to do our best in hard situations. We were on a short fishing/photo/walking-trip. As we began our outing today, “Mr GreenFisherMan expedition”–> to find a bow fishing location. We took several photos to remember our… Read More »Sharing The #GPTruthofItAll


  • Debbie 

BEHOLD Please, see with me the most brilliant group of technicolor/s you have ever yet to see. Next, please inhale with me the most heavenly of scents you have yet to smell. Now, carefully mute all of your devices, put in your headphones, buds, whatever… Read More »Behold


  • Debbie 

As we begin to proceed into a brand new shiny new year… I wonder how our community the #ChronicWarriors #GPReporters will look at our new year? I do this numerology thing of arriving at a single digit for a day of a year…. 2018 is… Read More »1-1-2018

Come One Come All

If we let our light shine, If we let our hearts be known, If we let our insides out be seen, No one will turn away From the Grace we pray for every day Because they will see it was them We were praying for… Read More »Come One Come All


As Mom’s we pray we achieve one goal ..our kids are healthy happy and blessed with the knowledge of how gifted, loved they are and in turn they can do/achieve anything they put their mind to do.. it won’t come easily necessarily but they can… Read More »#MothersDay17