Digestive DreamsĀ 

Do you have digestive dreams? I do, like a person in a wheel chair? Or their limbs do not work? Our digestive tracts malfunction in many varying ways, from person to person—We cannot “see” what is going on inside & […]

Thank you, Warriors

Prayer Meditate (Reservoir empty beep beep beep— enter to reset volume)  Some know – some empathize – some are our Warriors in arm in arm! Who know of which we speak,,, the best kind when the energy levels go to […]

What I Was Taught.

My Warrior voice says, thank you,  Why? Because you taught me I have no control.  What a strange thing to say, thank you to, right?  But all of the loss taught me my minimal win was the most important & […]

Did You Know?

If you #TakeABite with a tummy or Digestive Tract which is “normal” ? It goes #swimmingly well! (Minus the occasional virus or upset tummy – but imagine having the flu {without a high fever or a few of the other […]