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March 2016 – I Am Okay Now

Month: March 2016

My GP Miracle Moment 

Sometimes life gives you more than it takes. When my diagnosis stole my life – as I knew it? I thought it was devastating! I went through a grieving process for the “me” I was, not knowing the road ahead. […]

#GPWarrior_Princess Then & Now

Are you a #GPWarrior? A mixture of #GPPrincess & fighter? Why princess? When you have learned to fight? A large part of that fight is with Faith with me. You might have a higher power or use another term for […]

I found You & Me #HR2311 #CureGP

I found you bleeding, in pain, dehydrated, malnourished, paralyzed with fear!  I did not ask if I could help you my dear?  I did not say, come let me hold you, while I help you gain your health, come here […]