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#FactFriday Reflect

  • Debbie 

While still fully in the midst of an amazingly beautiful journey… Gastroparesis Motility Disorder Awareness Month in Arkansas and August Gastroparesis Awareness Month Nationally. I cannot help but reflect upon on all of the Awareness in its various forms on all of the events &… Read More »#FactFriday Reflect


  • Debbie All things are possible. A thought is an idea waiting to become a reality upon meeting a knowledgeable optimistic person whose paradigms are not defined but beautifully blurred with positivity. dst 8/16/17 It is great connecting with others who know their thoughts and actions… Read More »#WarriorsDazzle


  • Debbie 

#Dazzle4Rare what does Dazzle mean to you?..Let me tell you what it means to me, via rare to turn it up. It means our special “sparkle” which becomes clarified by a genetics test highly suspicioned in our family. Then your Dazzle is confirmed or verified… Read More »#Dazzle4Rare