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It’s Like This

  • Debbie 

It’s like this …. Chronic journey #BeYou! Everyday always 24/7/2020 Everyday is a masterpiece Every moment is fabulousitynessuniqnes Magnificent on blast + actified You are an exquisite blessing matched by no one! Every breath an attribute to be timelessly treasured whenever you have enough energy… Read More »It’s Like This

Social Distancing

  • Debbie 

How Does This Help? We are limited during #SocialDistancing & #StayAtHome, BUT… WE — YOU— Me—US Have been magnificent! #TogetherAtHome has helped our humanity —all of us together!!! Worldwide- we mourn all loss of life & lift our fellow warriors fighting now to stay alive.… Read More »Social Distancing

The Silence We Speak

  • Debbie 

The Silence We Speak The humanity of us all It isn’t inanimate Nor is it invisible We are one nation/ one world/ one for all- all for one The silence we speak or silently never at all as zero and beyond Is the loudest of… Read More »The Silence We Speak

Time is True

  • Debbie 

Time Is True We have now the truth of us the joy of our mystery lives inside each of us we beseech all to be true Not so much- roses are red, violets are blue Kind of poetry, not this. time is true purges all… Read More »Time is True

#ChronicTime #ChronicClock

  • Debbie 

#ChronicTime #ChronicClock We move on our own unique time. Every#Spoonie #ChronicWarrior knows our time segments are not equal to real-time. A 48 hour segment of time may be = 2week segment. Every chronic journey/warrior is unique unto themselves with untold variables. There is no guilt,… Read More »#ChronicTime #ChronicClock

Mitochondrial Disease #HR2501 w/#HR3396 #FGIMD

  • Debbie 

Medical nutrition equity act of 2019 #MedMito2019 #MitochondrialDisease the nonprofit organization working as an advocate for and with those who have been impacted by mitochondrial disease along with their underlying chronic illnesses created by mito malfunctioning. the nonprofit organization working as an… Read More »Mitochondrial Disease #HR2501 w/#HR3396 #FGIMD