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I Find AWay

Ill find a way  Everyday I will see your good & the peace in you Because in me I hold peace, patience, optimism, & the bridge with Love I will find a way everyday to see unity because the alternative is too heavy  Therefore if… Read More »I Find AWay

My Day

As I sit, pray, meditate about the best place to put my love & prayers . (You are all covered by the way) I come to the place I begin in Faith Hope, Optimism, Love, Trust & believing the burden is not mine. See, for… Read More »My Day

An Optimist

Being Happier for another’s success, is at the heart of the Optimist creed!  Do you know it? It is an amazing document/philosophy to live your life by!  When we set aside our egos and live for the good of our family, community, our country, Earth… Read More »An Optimist


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