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A Choice? Nay It Is Not!

  • Debbie 

Your/my appointment/placement on our planet is not your nor my choice/predetermination_ your skin, hair, gender, eyes, are not your doing nor decision. We are here as a united community of humanity. Therein, what we choose to do as a part our mutual membership in this… Read More »A Choice? Nay It Is Not!

Critical Mass In a State of Grace

  • Debbie 

I am praying you #SeeUs #HearUs #FeelUs all! Whether you can #TakeABite4GP in #empathy or show support for our #MotilityIssues like #GP #Gastroparesis #CIP #ColonicInertia #SIBO #Crohns & so many other #AutoImmuneDiseases creating #ChronicIllnesses & their layers are often invisible, incurable, unnoticed or worse unaddressed… Read More »Critical Mass In a State of Grace

How I 9/9/2017

  • Debbie 

I do some things well, I do not do others well at all. We cope with the hardest moments of lives in different ways. Is your way wrong or right? Who am I to say? I choose my way. I pray you choose your way… Read More »How I 9/9/2017