Month: August 2015

GP is Not OK But I AM

I fight everyday and I will never stop!  I will be the best I can be and I desperately try to reflect the okay I say without hesitation!  With that said, I am going to write a slightly different writing […]

The Time Has Come GP

Ends of sentences become huge questions  Answers become fixations  Because Gastroparesis  Is the truth embedded with a lie  A continuation of steadfast humble pie  Where no truth or lie real  no expectation proves a positive or a negative  It is […]

God’s Hands

Tell me, how do you see the unseeable? The intangible thread which holds faith anchored securely to your inner most being?  Do you feel and see the hand of God? Now you simply must understand this is not a conversion […]

GP Truth 

I weep in a silence so loud it could blow buildings off the Earth!  I smile with a sadness so pretty it could crack all the mirrors in Perth!  I live in a pain so deep it should take my […]

Who Are You? How Did You Get In Here?

Who is this? How did it get in the house? Tell me! Tell me right Now!  Because something managed to not only do a home invasion but a body invasion too!  That’s right you heard me! A body invasion! Something, […]

Let’s Just Go Out And

I sit with you and pretend all is well Not because I am trying to hide or lie  But because GP has exhausted me  I want a reality which is truly mine   Most days I am fine with the hand […]

Motility Disorders – What you are not told! 

Things no one tells you when you are diagnosed with a motility Disorder! Your infusion company representative, who you speak to on a weekly to bi-weekly basis will become like your a member of your family! Because if you are a […]