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July 2016 – I Am Okay Now

Month: July 2016

#Advocating – Tomorrow is not Promised

#Advocating  – for ourselves & our community! Tomorrow is not promised- but blessed- when we give our best  For this is not for ourselves but to save others we will never know  even though our DNA – makes this path/journey […]

I Met Myself Today

I met myself today. It went back across the sands of grains.  These unmentionables of incurable & #ForBetterOrWorse  I thought when we said “”For better or worse?” It meant just that! Even young I understood that!    When souls touch […]

 #RedHatSociety w/ a #GP twist? 

Would the #RedHatSociety mind us doing a #JumpOff for #GastroparesisAwareness #Green4GP #Greenified but do it #Fancy & incorporated #TakeABite4GP we see many sooo many T😖👒 Many with the #5MillionGPStrong wouldn’t it be fun to do the #GreenHatSociety for #CureGP ? […]


I want to live. How much longer? How much more Grace will I be given? I fight with every breath to win. To hold on until this incurable becomes curable. Until the Invisible Illnesses become visible. When the Doctors tell […]

Posts/ Posting #GP #MotilityDisorders

I could tell you the lil things do not matter?  But they do!  I could tell you, my eyes will forever see you as I remember. The moment I was too young to make these decisions which most said would […]

#GPMonster #WhoYouGonnaCall? #TakeABite4GP

If I told you, I am personally acquainted with a #GPMonster? You would probably put it in the context of “today.”  The reboot of “GHOSTBUSTERS ”  is right at hand! The famous phrase #WhoYouGonnaCall #Ghostbusters!  Yes, I said “Monster”. But […]

#Gastroparesis #TakeABite4GP

It has been a bumpy week physically, emotionally, & spiritually, but it is not unique to me #5MillionGPStrong go through this & more continually. We mourne too many passing in this fight. A #GPWarrior leaves their earthly body. #Gastroparesis a […]

#PeaceBoat Philosophy #GP #TakeABite4GP 

Where you see adversity I see rainbows. Where you see problems I see solutions. Where you see complaints I see possibilities.Where you see negativity I see positivity. Where you feel the need to put down, I will find positive production […]


****#TakeABite4GP Campaign Challenge *****W/Photo or video  *Challenge 3 to do the same &  *Donate at least a dollar for research to help find a cure for GP – Gastroparesis -Motility Disorder  We do touch these sites the money goes directly […]

#GP Can Be Like A Bad Country Song

#GP Can Be Like A Bad Country Song #TakeABite4GP must be like our gospel!  It’s like a bad country song set to a R&B gospel song. The dogs have run-off with all the bacon, we can’t even stand the smell […]