I Am Okay Now

My name is Deb.

an advocate.

a patient.

a writer.

a mother.

a sister.

a daughter.

a wife.

Stories, poems, and more from my life as a #CureGP Community Member & Advocate.

Speaking of 2020

Speaking of 2020 Reflecting on 2019- not bypassing our present moment, but anticipating our humanity in our truth through prayer. Do you seek guidance beyond self? If so, what interpretation does 2020 give to you? As I look at the […]

Question Mark

Question Marks The simple word of why. We all begin our journey of language with this simple word as a toddler. The perspective of this simple word, both in the beginning of our lives and as we begin to understand […]

Advocacy-the next step

Sharing the right words with advocacy over adversity on our chronic/human journey. The beauty about our advocacy in growth with unconditional love and healing thoughts for all to thrive in comfort and strength today ++++ being a cog in service […]

Chronic Journey 12-2-2019

Chronic Journey • Every Chronic Journey is Different simply complex by our DNA • Humanity begins at our chromosome completion, BUT • with incurable, invisible, illnesses with a genetic component • Our chronic/human journey begins an unfolding – or not […]

A Cog’s Journey

Picture a dirt road beside a deeply dense forested area in the mountains. The only break in the woods reveal a fast running cold water which narrows then widens to suddenly expose a glimpse of waterfall. Not just a small […]

A Trip In Transition

Nantahala Gorge/River the North Carolina side of the Appalachian- Smokies before arriving at Cherokee NC, if you go through Bryson City tucked in there is the Nantahala a beautiful area — with 2-3 whitewater rapids. A great campground I may […]

Am I A Human

Am I a humanBefore I breathe inAnd out I see, hear, feel, amYou, me, us,Past, present, futureAm I a humanAfter I breathe in and outYou saw, heard, felt, wereHer, Him, they, them,Bleeding inside and outAm, are, have, will, weBe humanEmpathy, […]


What does history mean to you? I was born in the 60s. I have spent a great deal of time focused on understanding our history in the 1960’s. I am sure I am not alone. Yet it is more than […]

How to Make our Voice Heard

https://www.iffgd.org/ “Make Your Voice Heard!” A guided suggestion for helping us to engage with our congressional representatives. You are invited to join the thousands of patients and their families, nurses and physicians, researchers, and members of the public working to […]

Advocacy 2019

Are you an advocate seeking to do all you can with your spoon/s, literally & figuratively? Mentally digesting (yes, the laughter of visualization of it al!:-) Functional Gastrointestinal and has Disorders Research Enhancement Act of 2019 #FGIMD #Motility #Digestive #HR3396 […]