My Chronic Warrior Key / Legend

Here is my Chronic Warrior Legend/ 🔑 key. It is different for every one of us – I am sure … so I am not using “We” When you do not hear anything from me… I do not have any […]


Happy Thanksgiving! Because all of you are with all of me I want to share a memory. They say a picture is worth 1000 words or perhaps a  million I wouldn’t know but what I do you know, all of […]


Whether it is recipes, support, advocacy or just laughs with others in #GPNation or other #MotilityDisorders #Gastroparesis #IBS crohn’s or whatever autoimmune disorder which may limit your energy this #2016Holidays you can find a group on Facebook to help you […]

A Doctor Interview

Doctor are you worthy? We are priceless. What is your protocol for a multilevel situation (either you know or in the process of knowing) Dr are you able to reach out to specialists? Do you know a good palliative care […]


I cannot sing to save my life but I have music running through me all the time. There are prayers going as well. Then the phrases, pieces & fragments of words just won’t stop! Sometime they have a tune to […]

Peace Be Still (Not Ill)

 Sharing a seed! I often reference how it takes optimism, Faith, & trusting in yourself to heal, succeed, achieve, or get anywhere at anytime. I know it works. I know it works, because I saw it in action. I was […]