I Am Okay Now

My name is Deb.

an advocate.

a patient.

a writer.

a mother.

a sister.

a daughter.

a wife.

Stories, poems, and more from my life as a #CureGP Community Member & Advocate.

Our Perfect Unique RX_______________

Our Perfect Unique RX= ______ How do we determine our perfect prescription? Each of us average about -an estimated at minimum 3 specialists when we begin our chronic journey. During our first decade on our chronic journey- if blessed to […]

Actionable Advocacy our Authentic Voice

A chronic journey advocate who, like many of you, found this pandemic an empathetic challenge. While at the same time an opportunity to become stronger spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and chronically through introspection. It doesn’t happen overnight, ever! Chronic warriors who […]


Confidence Making sure confidence isn’t a accomplishment nor an opportunity to undermine ourselves through a collection of past memories. Seeing our futures through a lens of half full, speaking a belief, speak to receive a thought into existence. A philosophy […]

What Motivates You?

What Motivates You? There isn’t a right or wrong answer. A shared story is an insight of inspiration from one warrior to another. #ShareAStorySaturday advocacy over adversity We are empowering ourselves into a better breath inhaling our strength with an […]

A Reverent Bow

A Reverent Bow Thankful, humbled, grieved, inspired, lifted, heartbroken, mended, shocked, shaken, once in a hundred, unprecedented, breaking news, coronavirus, covid19, u.k.& South Africa new variant, airline flight management, frontline medical workers, lockdowns, essential workers, nursing homes,cruise ships, masks, social […]

Actionable Advocacy

Actionable Advocacy Every breath we take is an opportunity. Choosing an unconditional love and support for ourselves and others with each breath is actionable advocacy. We are unique in every way! Therefore our choices, whatever they may be, have begun […]

Veto or Agree to Agree

Veto or Agree to Agree At this point in the pandemic, whether you are in America or elsewhere. It isn’t moxie, hutspa, stirring the pot, chaos for the sake of chaos to create more confusion, Republican or Democrat it doesn’t […]

Why Optimism is Infinite with Positivity

The lifetime of seeking our unique self through a higher path can find true Peace, comfort and strength. I am sharing a portion of what led to my unique human/chronic journey. The picture of me with the short bangs/haircut isn’t […]

When Words Begin

When Words Begin Words dance with their incandescently Unconditionally unique truth blooms with the young wondrously fully pregnantly fulfilled. Not embryos of expectations but true destiny departed from past and our present day to complete themselves in our best future […]