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chronic illness

Found – Sacred- Proud

  • Debbie 

When everything about you allows me to be me it fulfills the Agape meaning of Peace meant to infinity both here and hereafter never ever do we, us, or any other pronoun come into question when an ego doesn’t have to be served, but is… Read More »Found – Sacred- Proud

Peace In Me

  • Debbie 

Peace in Me When Everything about you Allows me to be me It fulfills the Agape Meaning of Peace meant to infinity In the here and hereafter Never ever do we, us, or any other pronoun Come into question When an ego doesn’t have to… Read More »Peace In Me

Delta Variant

  • Debbie 

The Delta Variant In Our State While respecting medical freedom, the statistics are black and white. They are facts without partisan agendas. They tell us how we should act to save our lives. When 95% of severe coronavirus cases are unvaccinated and 99.98% of coronavirus… Read More »Delta Variant

Dear E. 

I am here, but where are you? I have begged and pleaded. Desperately looked and prayed!  You have been here all my life, helping me along my way! I thought if I did all I should you would stay.  But it is not the case… Read More »Dear E.