What It Takes To Travel w/ #MotilityDisorders

Thinking about a travel day with #Gastroparesis & all it entails with its companions #MotilityDisorders preparations. This is what it looks like three days prior to that travel day: Meds IV w/ port changes are they totally restocked? Extra clothes […]

Maybe Its #SaveALife

Maybe you left the table, it was to #SaveALife Or to call a friend, not to say I can see Russia If you had a restriction or something so wrong you couldn’t eat because digestion was improbable  Then I was […]

#HR2311 Me Myself & I #CureGP 

I am in a competition with myself. It is harsh! I have relentlessly counseled, brought to bear, corrected this me I know her! She seems lazy sometimes! But I try to remember, she has given until she almost passed out! […]

#CureGP #Gastroparesis 

When you are on your knees, crying, struggling to breathe, praying for relief, desperately clinging to the steps which have worked for you in the past? You begin your self-talk speaking… Calm, slow your roll, keep it trill, ten seconds […]