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invisible illness

My Grind

  • Debbie 

Is there a way to be Which doesn’t require a lot of energy? Can we move without physically exerting ourselves? Can we go to the beach, ride a wave without getting wet? Can we step onto a trail, hike it into the clouds Without ever… Read More »My Grind


Zap, the day my world shifted? I didn’t hear the boom!  Just the impending doom!  I sat and cried, not knowing why my life was being stripped from me! Like How?  All I felt was the POW! The punch in my gut!  I had been… Read More »ZAP POW BOOM

I Saw You

I thought I saw you turning away, only to have you back in my day!  Why must you slice through my life? Stripping me of my own personnel dignity?  I pray to the trinity!  I ask Grace to speak and know I believe in alpha,… Read More »I Saw You