Month: June 2015


A Journey to Cure Gastroparesis we are now firmly on the path! I hope you wil take a moment and check out these links. Take this journey with  us … With you we can achieve #1Voice1Cure to #curegp  Gastroparesis Fighting for […]

I Am Okay 

I say I am okay now to feel the normal you know… it is the unexpected guest at the door you never answered nor gave permission to come into our body. And it won’t accept its eviction notice.


Another blog post made me realize this is something I had never written about,but should have.   Y’all I think will relate to this. I have managed pain by using a technique which just really came to me during a really […]


Thing link for Gastroparesis Awareness please touch and press to view and then sign for treatments, research, and hopefully one day a cure for our motility disorders!

Adversity Only Stregnthens Resolve

Thank you …   DHA The Digestive Health Alliance (DHA) is the grassroots arm of the International Foundation for Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders (IFFGD), a nonprofit education and research organization. We are a community of individuals affected by FGIMDs; digestive conditions […]

I Have A Soul!

I really do! And do you know? It has better service than I do? It has constant service updates, they want to know if we are satisfied, they remind us automatically, if it is due to be serviced for anything! […]

We Have Diamonds

WE have diamonds priceless diamonds! They cannot be bought! They are moments with our most precious of gifts! Our children! They do and say things that will be forever etched upon our hearts! We will face moments in our lives that […]

We Can Breathe When

We can Breathe when we know GP is not a terror for those we do not know  As well as those we do  We can breathe we we know the treatments have all been laid bare and we see them  […]

Long Ago & Far Away

Long ago & far away I did something to face my greatest fear It was an exercise to make it clear?  Similar to jumping off a cliff to get over that stifling breath stealing fear  You can relate can you […]

Life moves

Life moves even when you do not! I am reflecting upon a moment in time when I made an attempt to take my meds, my life of 24 hour medical infusion needs on the road early in my walk with […]