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  • May I

    May I look upon you and know more yet see less May I stand with you & feel you without seeing you May I only need your physical description if there is a manhunt for you If and only then? Still it will not crush my empathy nor forgiveness of our mutual  Human condition  May […]

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  • Just This

    I could tell you But I would rather show you My love is something that does not come & go The boundaries which I put in place?  Please do not mistake them as a sign of your lack of worth  See them as the self-respect it took me awhile to earn as my natural birth […]

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  • Its 5:00 

    It’s between 3 and 5 pm cst and while I run my meds in this time frame it is also when I speak to Mom.  Now I pray all the time but more so during these times. When she worked at DHS it was our 12 o’clock phone call because what has been true  (except […]

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  • I See You #GPVillage

    When I greet you with;I see you! Aka in response to How are you?  Then perhaps the conclusion will finally be inclusion?  As to say; I can see myself standing  in your shoes and I can no longer hold indifference or injustice in my heart!  Nor can I pretend the random selection of DNA its […]

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  • GP Community 

    You are so beautiful!How do I count the ways? Your eyes? Your voice? Your laugh? Your amazing fortitude in the face of an incurable disease with its buddies! But because we have a team & moral certitude- Beyond a reasonable doubt! We will never give up on each other nor deny unconditional love to our […]

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  • We Are Each Other 

    We = A greater good than us. Us = is always them. Them = will always be other .  Other = will always be me.  Me = is we. We = is you & me.  0 a circle without end – Alpha Omega – infinite- E Pluribus Unum Carpe Diem planet galaxy Universe creation Creator  To […]