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  • Why We Are Green

    How does an incurable, invisible, chronic community keep its positive thoughts and attitude in the midst of green candles?  Are you wondering what “green candles” symbolize? We are the first to be happy to explain our patient/advocacy for Gastroparesis a Motility Disorder fought by #GPMillions each and every day. #GPWarriors with varying states of digestive […]

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  • #Advocacy with Friends

    #Advocacy with friends, supporters, & patient/advocates!  Whether you are a #GPReporter in the #GPNetwork or a #Chronic #Spoonie #Warrior  We are 24/7/365 therefore we are blessed to be given a constant opportunity to do our own unique #Reports & #Advocacy A list of hashtags to give guidance & perhaps inspiration for more from you?  #SoulfulSundays  […]

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  • Being Chronic

    Where is your best step in an uncertain world? Let’s just walk through this maize together. You either have been living with “incurable” since you were very young or are suddenly a collection of symptoms begin raining down upon you. Yes, this is an over simplification of our pathway into a myriad of chronic incurable […]

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  • #StPatricksGreen4GP2017

    Are you ready to show your support for Our #GPMillions #Green4GP Support on March 17th?  #STPatricksDayGreen4GP  #STPatricksDayTakeABite4GP 
Remember we are on the #GPNetwork #GPFacilitators an equal opportunity sharer of all things on the road to #Cures #CureGP  www.iffgd.org www.agmd.org www.curegp.com www.takeabite4gp.org www.themighty.com www.iamokaynow.com  
#MotilityMonday #CureGP #HR1187 http://goo.gl/MK8Koz 
- #GPReporters on the #GPNetwork who are also cross reporting from the […]

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  • 54th & Main Agape 

    I found you on the corner of 54th & Main.  There is no shame in our name nor our game!  We are “Bossed up!” There is no “game!” We have #NoBuckets! Only Flames – So bright like the sun – you beta’ be careful or your eyes may be singed by our brilliance!  We are […]

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  • Picture This part2

    You don’t tug on Superman’s cape! According to big bad “Jim Croce” Well you wouldn’t have told the real life version of superman to eat his greens or “Do things differently to help himself!” Christopher Reeves in real life would be so proud of the work accomplished in stem cell regeneration. But I really do […]

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  • Picture This~~

    1) You are a sink (yet still have emotions) and your plumbing is completely backed up it keeps – seeping- tiny squirts of liquid every now and then (from your bottom) but it is an implosion of stinky backed up vile smells on the sink drain side (kinda like your mouth) — if “your plumbing […]