I Am Okay Now

My name is Deb.

an advocate.

a patient.

a writer.

a mother.

a sister.

a daughter.

a wife.

Stories, poems, and more from my life as a #CureGP Community Member & Advocate.

Medical Disclaimer Advocacy/Information

Medical Disclaimer as well as explanation of IAmOkayNow DISCLAIMER: All information shared whether e – mail, such as text, graphics, images, or any other material contained in an email, comments, posts, shares, etc… are for advocacy/informational purposes only. The content […]

I Am Still Here And I am Not Ready to Give Up

https://youtu.be/86Q40getcIY My video continues to illicit chronic thoughts after prayers and meditation. I never know where I will go in these moments until they have come to their completion. #Muchness allows us to prevail with our Father as children when […]

Medical Walmart

#SpoonieSunday #Gastroparesis #CureGP #Tweet_Eat #Empathy #Awareness#worldwide better #treatment #research #QOL #QOC #Cures #diabetes #mito #POTS#CIP #ColonicInertia #ChronicMigraines #Chronic #Illnesses #invisible#incurable layered with multiple diagnoses often, but without multiple successful #treatments #research #statistics leading towards viable solutions to help comorbidity rates […]

A Recipe for Hope

A recipe for finding hope in a valley of unknown. This is not an overnight, snap your fingers, blink of an eye, recipe. Like the many layers, most of us live with, it is gradually built/earned overtime. Unknown in the […]

The Legend of The Blue Willow Plate

I am excited by the new layers of joy presenting itself. Yes there are some extra items in this picture which are not Blue Willow! We are about our story, Warriors! Our story has many layers! The rice bowl with […]

The Princess Diaries2: Royal Engagement

When the new “Princess to be a Queen” is instructing some small young girls on how to get “in touch with their Princess” quality! She gives them all tiaras, instructs them on how to walk, wave, & be! While telling […]

#ShareASpoonSaturday with #MuchNess

“Forgetting is just forgetting, except when it’s not. Then they call it something else.” The Mad Hatter When we see the miracles, wisdom, strength, Joy, Peace, Faith, Gentleness, Patience, Love, Kindness, Self-Control, Goodness of His Spirit meeting us in our […]

Motility Muchness

We can be our best muchness! How? We have inside of us an internal guide which never ages, it is always waiting to laugh, swing, play, dress up, do the things which do not match with the external world. This […]