I Am Okay Now

My name is Deb.

an advocate.

a patient.

a writer.

a mother.

a sister.

a daughter.

a wife.

Stories, poems, and more from my life as a #CureGP Community Member & Advocate.

My Gastroparesis Journey 10/16/2017

My Gastroparesis/MotilityDisorder/ #POTS #CIPO Colon Inertia #Migraine- Mitochondrial-Malabsorption Journey While keeping an #IamOkayNow Attitude with Advocacy The beginning. I believe my journey began in 1989 with the first migraine, but I didn’t realize it. The first migraine I had was […]

Happy Thanksgiving “My Dear Family” 2006

Happy Thanksgiving “MY DEAR FAMILY 2006” I am bringing y’all forward with us to The Thanksgiving 2017 and praying / hoping our #GPReporting #Advocacy can bring positivity & optimism with love to all this year! In March of 2006 I […]

This is My Hope

This is my hope for you, the child I love so dearly. I hope you learn to love yourself as much I did the moment I saw your face. I hope money, lack of or abundance of, never determines your […]

Waiting Room

In this waiting room We sometimes see a glow Or think it appears as if we need to see But in someone’s reality It is ecumenical in its view Without an action towards empathy If we decide to rise In […]

Diagnosis/Not Hysteria- 1600’s Motility #CureGP

#GPVoguePhotoShoot #GPWarriors GPReporters #GP is Gastroparesis a. Motility Disorder #HR1187 is our #MotilityBill #FGIMD #IBS #CureGP while the majority of those diagnosed are women — there are men, children, elderly, brothers, mothers, fathers, uncles, aunts, nieces, uncles,sons,daughters,grandmothers,grandfathers,grandchildren all affected by Motility Issues […]

Peace Speak

Where did the voice of Peace go? It left my friend. But why? The shadows were shifting into glances of days gone by Why oh why, did she leave, when we were ready to see the seas? You weren’t ready, […]

Call to Action

#ThankfulThursday advocacy is a constant companion for a #GPWarrior #GPReporter aka #Chronic #Patient_Advocate We seek to find inspiration in its darkest of moments. There are weeks when your body and outside forces seem as if they are plotting against you […]

#ShareAStorySaturday #GPVoguePhotoShoot

#CUREGPADVOCACYTHOUGHTS #GPinSync4ACure Happy #ShareAStorySaturday on this #CureGP journey as we begin to put our summer to bed, let me share a part of my story. Y’all cannot be on my page long without knowing my story includes The Great Smoky […]

Looking For The Latest on 9/27/2017 #CureGP

Sometimes you stumble upon something you thought you knew about—> Alternate medicine for Gastroparesis I found this lil morsel of information on the http://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/gastroparesis/diagnosis-treatment/treatment/txc-20323142 While looking for the newest treatments available or on deck for Gastroparesis or Motility Disorders. When […]

#Chronically #PeacefullyHopeful

How being in a #PeaceBoat works for Chronic Illness – > On a journey of invisible, incurable illness seeking cures, we change, some good, some different, than anticipated, some not, but we change in our crisis from the bending of […]