I Am Still Here And I am Not Ready to Give Up

https://youtu.be/86Q40getcIY My video continues to illicit chronic thoughts after prayers and meditation. I never know where I will go in these moments until they have come to their completion. #Muchness allows us to prevail with our Father as children when […]


The best of a Mother’s Day can be found with Love here & there. Walking an advocacy journey in truth. I am walking with an intent to help just 1 person. Yet, to help this one person I must keep […]


As Mom’s we pray we achieve one goal ..our kids are healthy happy and blessed with the knowledge of how gifted, loved they are and in turn they can do/achieve anything they put their mind to do.. it won’t come […]

Why or What is a “Cheat Eat”

#Gastroparesis = #GP #MotilityDisorders #ChronicIntestinalPseudoObstructionSyndrome #ColonicInertia #MitoChondrialMalabsorption #HR1187 http://goo.gl/MK8Koz In the #USA TO THEN GO #WorldWide Why we “Cheat eat” while living with a broken, disabled, malfunctioning, in varying degrees of “paralysis” (this word is misleading yet also describes a […]

Picture This part2

You don’t tug on Superman’s cape! According to big bad “Jim Croce” Well you wouldn’t have told the real life version of superman to eat his greens or “Do things differently to help himself!” Christopher Reeves in real life would […]