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#GPReporters – I Am Okay Now


#CureGP Gastroparesis in 2018 Research

As I sit and contemplate our current state of #GPReporting on this #2By2 journey of #Advocacy in change for #CureGP #Gastroparesis We will take our #TagUs #ModusOperandi to create #Invisible2Visible #Incurable2Curable w/ our #Worldwide #TakeABite4GP in Empathy. #TakeABite4GP our #WorldWide […]

#Cog 2017

I want to be a JOYFUL COG! I love the message of this writing! I was looking for the scriptures with “cog” much to my surprise it was not there! So I had to reference another place for context beyond […]

You Get A-Pole (IV-Fish)

I’ll get a pole maybe you’ll get a spoon Lets all meet under a sun or a moon Maybe you’ll get a stick or a fork just don’t get stuck into you or me we’ll all meet up at #TakeABite4GP […]

#Tummy “aHa’s”

We begin our #GPReport this Saturday with an inspirational message to create a #Tummy “aHa!” What in the world is a #Tummy “aHa?” Is this what you are wondering? It is anything, anything …which creates positivity, good, kind, loving, joyful, […]

#FactFriday #Green4GP 2017

https://www.facebook.com/groups/Gastroparesis.FightingForChange/permalink/1979123962310493/ Perfect #FactFriday #GreenGP #CureGP #Gastroparesis #HR1187 #FGIMD #IBS #HR1187 goo.gl/MK8Koz journey A purple cushion will it help your pain? I do not know. Once again not a product pusher just conveying possible products which might help us along the […]

We Are The Cogs

I’m Nobody! Who are you? Emily Dickinson, 1830 – 1886 I’m Nobody! Who are you? Are you – Nobody – too? Then there’s a pair of us! Don’t tell! they’d advertise – you know! How dreary – to be – Somebody! How public – like a Frog – To tell one’s name – the livelong […]

#MotilityMonday News

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1B6YvY4fCzjx9WYKLG0BVgRXrzJFZiRXokLHeGieoZaU I really hope the above link works–> the newsletter in google documents is new to me –I decided to try it out and I am doing it like I do all new apps on the fly learning — it […]


The best of a Mother’s Day can be found with Love here & there. Walking an advocacy journey in truth. I am walking with an intent to help just 1 person. Yet, to help this one person I must keep […]

Sticks & Stones /Nope It’s the Words

There is a phrase used “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.” While the pain & trauma of physical abuse is a legacy of an unacceptable situation inflicted by humans by humans? The phrase […]