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Chronic Journey

Motility Monday 9/13/2021

  • Debbie 

Motility Monday What we raise for inspiration and motivation to journey forward Can become a spoken blessing for a quality of life and care while seeking cures for our chronic communities. The path we choose to breathe in and out in appreciation with gratitude for… Read More »Motility Monday 9/13/2021

How Do We

  • Debbie 

How Do We? Who are we? In our lives we are aspects of seconds created from conception An embryonic DNA collection of our heritage Whether we connect to all we are over life’s journey However long these breathes in and out How do we know?… Read More »How Do We

A Minuet

  • Debbie 

A Minuet Within our grasp we hold a tiny bit of breath In each of our lives there are choices we take and choices we make We dance a slow minuet of grace of these breathes we take. A demitasse of a sip we inhale… Read More »A Minuet

An Unraveling

  • Debbie 

An Unraveling Strength most of the time chronically frayed like a wire worn The 110 charge still packs a punch When our normal lost our ability to consume lunch In a regular fashion or an establishment of expectations any noon or morn. Pieces do scatter,… Read More »An Unraveling

Super Sunday Booster

  • Debbie 

Chronic advocacy thought bubble booster to our immunity system. Have you added to your reservoir of positivity and optimism in the last few moments? Every time we seek conscious & subconscious energy lifters we boost our immune system. In turn we boost everyone around us.… Read More »Super Sunday Booster

Actionable Advocacy

  • Debbie 

Actionable Advocacy Every breath we take is an opportunity. Choosing an unconditional love and support for ourselves and others with each breath is actionable advocacy. We are unique in every way! Therefore our choices, whatever they may be, have begun a journey. We are partaking… Read More »Actionable Advocacy